U11 – U14

Nova SC Commitment

Nova Premier Soccer Club’s commitment to our players is to provide them with the best coaching available in a professional, elite player environment. The NOVA coaching staff focuses on the 4 pillars of soccer development and is committed to developing each player’s technique (ball mastery), tactical understanding, physical component and the psychological dimension of athletics. All players will be treated fairly, and NOVA expects that all players will conduct themselves in accordance with the Nova Premier soccer Club’s Code of Conduct.

Team selection and playing time will be based on commitment, ability, attitude and performance during practices and games. All decisions are made with the team in mind and the Nova coaching staff are committed to doing what is best for the team and the club. Our body of coaching staff is very approachable and open to dialogue with players about areas of improvement and playing time. Our club encourages dialogue between our players and staff and views this dialogue as opportunities for growth and maturation for our players and teams.

Nova Premier SC supports Dual Rostering (participating in the U11-U14 Town Travel program) and the participation in other sports by its players provided they can honor their commitment to Nova.



  • Training begins for U11 – U14 teams in mid-August in preparation for Labor Day Weekend Tournaments and the Fall season. Some teams may start a bit earlier if they participate in the TWIST tournament in Wallingford CT.
  • New England Club Soccer League (NECSL) Games are on Sundays from September 5th – November 14th EDP games will be self-scheduled with the other clubs and could be played on Saturdays or Sundays.
  • Nova Teams train 2x per week (weekdays) during the fall; typically, in the late afternoon/evening


  • All Nova teams (U11 – U14) will train indoors once per week
  • Nova teams will also compete in an indoor futsal league, playing one game per week or an additional day of training


  • Nova teams (U11 – U12) and some (U13 -U14) teams compete in the New England Club Soccer League (NECSL) – Games on Sunday’s from April 3rd – June 5th (includes games both Sundays of April vacation, players are expected to be available)
  • Some Nova teams (U13-U14) compete in the EDP League with games self-scheduled with the other clubs. Those games could be played any day on the weekend.
  • Nova teams train 2x per week (weekdays)


Game size: 9v9

Game length: 2×30 min

Substitution Rules:

  • Players should have at least 15 minutes of playing time before substitution
  • This is to ensure equal playing time for all
  • Also, so that players can have time to perform and develop
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EDP & New England Club Soccer League U13-U14 GAME INFORMATION

Game size: 11v11

Game length: 2×35 min

Substitution Rules:

  • It is strongly recommended ALL players get equal playing time to ensure development.
  • The league recommends that once a player is substituted, they do not return to play that same half. 
  • Also, so that players can have time to perform and develop

Fees & Registration Info

In addition to the Fall, Winter & Spring training, three tournaments per year are included in the Player Fee for U11 – U14 age groups.

  • Labor Day or the TWIST, Wallingford, CT
  • March Preseason Tournament
  • Memorial Day Weekend Tournament